Tuesday, July 7, 2009

State Tournament!!

Bombers will be heading to the 9 and under state tournament in Manhattan on Friday. We will battle it out with the Yankees at 1:00.

This is our first time at the state tournament. Wish us luck!!!

A special THANKS to all of our sponsorships this year. We sincerely appreciate your contributions!!!!


  1. Go Bombers!!! We wish you the 'best of luck' at State!!

  2. Thanks Brandi for setting up the Bombers Blog. What a great idea! This will be a great communication tool for both the parents and coaches. Best of luck to all my boys this weekend. I have a great feeling that all of our hard work will pay off. GO BOMBERS!!

  3. Anything can happen!!!! Let's start on fire and stay on fire! HERE WE GO BOMBERS, HERE WE GO!!